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An international trade community that brings you together with trustable food importers and exporters, providing blockchain solutions.

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Path to Vision

With the vision of becoming the future leader in international trade, we are breaking down borders, merging technology and innovation. Leveraging new technologies, we aim to create a fair and trustworthy environment for international trade.

Our Blockchain Solutions

We facilitate your payments and international trade documents easily, quickly, and reliably without the need for a letter of credit, using escrow-based smart contracts. This makes international trade safer and more efficient.

Experience-Fueled Success

We combine our 30 years of experience in international trade with the blockchain & crypto expertise of our talented team. Together, we are ready to shape the future of foreign trade and co-author transformative success stories.


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It is a product that I dream of, building bridges for trust-oriented business partnerships, containing a unique foreign trade community and built well above my expectations.

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Yahya Erdoğan

Vice-Chairman of the Board - Hür Line Customs Consultancy

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A great platform in the hands of a great CEO. The innovative systems that Coimex introduces into the realm of international trade represent a revolution in the practice of doing business beyond borders.

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Prof. Dr. Uğur Çağlı

PhD Professor of Marketing - Middle East Technical University

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My advice, to any of the traders out there who learn about Coimex, is get involve early. So that you can learn how to work with the new technology coming and how to be in the avant garde of future trading. Because it will look very different in five years than it looks today.

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Nat Greene

CEO, Stroud International Author, Stop Guessing - Variable Analysis

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Traders called for a safe, simple, and cost-effective channel to meet and work with their counterparts from around the world without all the hassle. This is the problem COIMEX will solve. The platform offers immense benefits for sellers and buyers everywhere on the planet.

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D. Kılıç Arslantürk

Author, Instructor TED University

How Does Coimex Work?

How Does Coimex Work?

Coimex, the Chain of Importers & Exporters, serves as a global digital platform creating a trusted community of traders, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers through an annual membership. The platform connects you with dependable traders worldwide, fostering long-term partnerships via cutting-edge mobile and web applications. Explore new possibilities with Coimex.

Coimex For Exporters

Coimex For Exporters

Exporters benefit from the most efficient way to showcase their products to reliable global customers. Staying connected empowers Exporters to expand their businesses while creating awareness across the seven continents. With Coimex, they access valuable opportunities and foster international growth, building trustable relationships in diverse regions worldwide.

Coimex For Importers

Coimex For Importers

Importers thrive with visibility to a variety of global category-leading suppliers. Staying connected empowers Importers to seize real-time opportunities in their respective categories, enhancing their competitiveness within their countries. At Coimex, we provide the tools and connections to help Importers stay ahead in the world of international trade.

Benefits of Coimex Trading Model

Benefits of Coimex Trading Model

Coimex, integrates technology into the business world to enable safe trade for the actors of international trade. The transparent and informative structure empowers traders around the globe. The platform allows the ecosystem to be independent and free from outside intervention in order to maximize the credibility of Coimex members.

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