Do you have difficulty following the digital world due to the ever-evolving technology? Do you know how to create a digital asset for foreign trade? Here are the 6 foreign trade strategies to master digital issues in foreign trade and understand what to do in digital world.

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1. Have a Powerful and Impressive Digital Presence

  • Be Digitally Visible: It is very important to have a professional website consisting of quality content and images. The new generation of commerce is mostly digital. Completely update the technical parts and refresh the content.
  • Have Social Media Accounts: Social media users are increasing every day. Have active social media accounts. Use these accounts as a complement to your website to increase your visibility and trust in digital.
  • Be Available: Make your website appear on the first page of search engines when your company’s name is searched for. To be visible in digital, one needs to be organically available. For this, share content suitable for SEO with a good SEO infrastructure.
  • Prepare Digital Images of Your Product: Since company visits and fair stands cannot be made today, prepare photos, videos, 3D images of your products in digital quality, and share them on your website and social media.

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2. Have a Clear Focus

  • Narrow Your Audience: Choose a target area and / or category for yourself. Remember that if you do not focus on the target audience and the market you have chosen and draw your boundaries well, you may drown in the ocean. Do not try to do business in many markets at the same time.
  • Use the Right Digital Solutions: Use digital applications that can offer solutions to narrow your audience. Choose systems that will allow you to create a goal-oriented, good road map and to stick to this road map.

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3. Make Your Team Digital Compatible

  • Integrate Your Employees Digital: Provide a digital transformation and innovation in your business with employees. Evolve to digital with the business and team. Communicate the importance of digitalization of all units and its contribution to the company to your team.
  • Train Your Team: In the digitalizing world, make sure your employees adapt to this digitalization and update themselves in this direction. The best way to do this is to get them digital and digital marketing training.
  • Refresh Your Team If Necessary: ​​Make your business compatible with the era, conditions and the digital world and accordingly; continue your way with employees who are open to innovation, development, and who can maintain and manage trade in digital.
  • Learn How to Sell Online: In this age where everything is digitalized, business development, sales and marketing are now being done online like all classical professions. Learn online sales techniques and follow developments in this direction.
  • Make Your Team Specialize in Digital: Let your team carry high quality images to digital with their content, make online sales and marketing, and perform all business processes in a digital way.

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4. Join Online Foreign Trade Events

  • Participate in the Activities of Official Institutions: Follow official channels such as consultancies, attachés, embassies, chambers of commerce and ministries. Do not miss the events these channels perform and try to participate in them as much as possible.
  • Follow Event Calendars: With the new normal, these events have been moved to digital as offline and traditional events cannot be done. Overlapping with your target audience and market; track, schedule and participate in online events.
  • Participate in Online Fairs: Many traditional fairs cannot be held due to the pandemic. As with many things, fairs are held online as virtual fairs. Participate in virtual fairs with companies that match your target market.
  • Join Online Delegations: In this process, many online delegations are organized again. Follow and join delegations in order not to stay out of competition despite all conditions and to ensure the sustainability of foreign trade.

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5. Use Different Digital Channels, Tools and Platforms

  • Learn and Use Digital Channels: The way to reach the companies in your target audience may be through many different channels that you can use in digital. Research, learn and use these digital channels where your target audience or target market is located.
  • Get Company Lists: Many companies like TradeAtlas work like an online catalog and present lists of companies around the world. Although it is up to you to understand which of these lists is up-to-date, which is of good quality, which is poor quality, get these lists.
  • Register for B2B Marketplaces: There are many B2B marketplaces such as TurkishExporter and AliBaba. Among them, sign up for those that you believe work well. Remember that searching for companies in the market places is also an option.
  • Use Digital Platforms: Use systems such as Coimex, where only reliable companies are selected, different from fairs, products are displayed 24/7, and opportunities are instantly seen and evaluated.
  • Feed From Many Sources, Platforms: Feed from different sources for a while to find the most efficient source and platform for your company. Use multiple platforms simultaneously and compare with one another. Continue with the platform that gives you the best benefit.

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6. Be Together, Work Together

  • Work Closely with Official Channels: In both places, work closely with and with official channels such as consultants, attachés, embassies, trade areas, ministries.
  • Work Close With Partners: Think of business as a whole. Knowing that all dynamic structures such as logistics and customs are important parts of the process, keep a close watch and keep in close contact with them.
  • Be Part of Communities: Don’t underestimate the power of unity, collaboration and synergy. Join reliable communities such as Coimex, where other companies and merchants doing foreign trade, stay in constant communication, act together and in an organized way.

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In this period of digital transformation, foreign trade also evolved into E-import and E-export, and here we explained how to take your business to the next level with these 6 foreign trade strategies. Follow foreign trade digitally to be stand out of the competition. You can find more information in the report we continue to prepare. Register now so we can send you the report when it’s finished.

We hope that “6 Foreign Trade Strategies in Digital” helped you to take right steps in foreign trade. Don’t forget to discover more by reading more pieces on our blog.

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