Intellectual Exchange

In a community specific to a certain field, you are constantly exposed to latest developments of your time. You can surely track the news by yourself but the perspectives and ideas of other traders like you are unique and can only be encountered in a communal environment. Their analyses about the current issues broaden your point of view and enhance your mind.

Knowledge and idea exchange is beneficial since people are sort of feeding each other by doing so. Every single thing you learn raises your professional profile and increases your confidence.


In addition to learning from each other and idea exchange, community members give each other constructive feedback. This develops your critical thinking skills and reflexive thinking about your decisions on trading actions. This is particularly important since human beings are tended to lose the ability to criticize themselves in time, especially when they think that they are doing everything right. Sure, confidence is an important characteristic but criticizing yourself every once in a while results in bigger achievements.

Learning and Relationships

Loneliness might be intimidating. In a trading community you get together with people that think and work alike. There are various problems one might face with in their trading actions. Learning from each other’s mistakes and misfortunes leads individuals to make better judgments and makes the community stronger. Additionally, unity of members and the supporting environment it results in is an irreplaceable feeling. You may contribute by sharing your stories and experiences as well.

When people that think alike unite, it forms an environment that constant learning and skill improvement takes place. Moreover, you get to discuss the past and current developments in your field.

Business Network

In business world, the importance of networking cannot be denied. You meet people as mentors and potential business partners. Connections you make build the future of your business and let you climb up in your career ladder. You benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience in a community.

All in One: Coimex Foundation

With our experienced and knowledgeable advisory board and members that are actively doing business in the industry, Coimex Foundation functions both as a traders union and as a mentorship program for new and existing members. Coimex Foundation has missions including Blockchain education events, creating network opportunities, regulating the community by elected traders.

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