The pre-sales of Exim Token on the Bitexen Global and Bitexen Turkey platforms attracted significant interest from investors and were successfully completed globally. Although this was an expected outcome, it marks an important milestone in the Exim Token project.

During the pre-sale period that ended on June 18, Exim Token was offered to investors on Bitexen Global and Bitexen Turkey with options that had different lock-up periods, one unlocking fully in 4 months and the other in 9 months. The options with shorter lock-up periods sold out much faster compared to the longer lock-up ones. This indicates that investors are risk-averse and prioritize liquidity.

Particularly during May and June, when the global crypto market was experiencing a slowdown and altcoin sales were sluggish, the sell-out of Exim Token’s pre-sale is considered a significant success. We extend our gratitude to the Bitexen team for their support throughout this process.

The news of the pre-sale being sold out has generated great excitement among crypto influencers closely following Exim Token. Renowned Indian influencer and investor Evan Luthra, who has made the “Forbes 30 Under 30” list twice, also announced to his followers that the EXIM pre-sale has sold out.

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Although sales on Bitexen Turkey were positive, not all tokens were sold. On Bitexen Global, however, sales quickly sold out due to Coimex being a trusted firm operating in global and international trade across 108 countries. Despite Bitexen Turkey having a larger audience, the primary reason for the sell-out on Global is seen as Coimex’s significant influence and audience globally.

Before being listed on Bitexen, Exim Token will take another important step by conducting another public pre-sale in a global IDO. It continues its private pre-sales until it is listed. Interested investors can contact us to seize the opportunity to invest in Exim Token.

Exim Token is planned to be listed on MEXC, one of the world’s top 10 exchanges

After the listing on Bitexen, Exim Token is planned to be listed on MEXC, one of the world’s top 10 exchanges. These developments will be significant steps to increase Exim Token’s global recognition and reach.

The successful pre-sale process, goals, and future plans of Exim Token continue to create significant excitement in the cryptocurrency market. Investors and followers will continue to closely monitor the developments of Exim Token.

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