Even though more and more people get involved in blockchain technology and the crypto world, the number of people that hesitate about and refrain from it cannot be ignored. They have certain reasons to keep away from blockchain and some of them are discussed below.

Lack of Knowledge/Understanding

People do not know much about blockchain technology. Since it is still an emerging technology, people naturally lack the knowledge for it.

Plus, some people do not understand blockchain technology because of their biased perception of it. Blockchain technology seems to be too complicated for people; for some, it is too technical to understand. For people who are familiar with the technical side of blockchain, on the other hand, its non-technical components are also hard to understand and they think that they will fail to do so.

The unique complexity of blockchain technology makes it harder for people to grasp its essence (nature). However, even online banking was once too complicated for some and now here we are, doing almost all of our financial businesses through online banking. Few things stay the same forever and we are supposed to keep up with the current developments in the world in order to function in our lives and blockchain is among the advancements we need to get to know. Otherwise, we will be out-of-date in the future.

Fearing the new technology and refraining from it will result in one’s disadvantage once it is by all means the common tool around the globe. As Coimex, our suggestion for everyone is to learn about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Plus, we back this suggestion of ours and offer blockchain educating events such as workshops for people who are unfamiliar with and/or wish to learn more about blockchain technology.

Most people, even the powerful ones, rely on third parties.

Those who rely on middle men can said to be in passive positions, vulnerable to external factors. The need for third party figures hampers all sorts of processes for actual persons. They make things hard and put people in unpleasant situations; which is the exact point Coimex Project comes in. Intermediary figures consume too much time and effort; alongside with the commissions they demand in exchange for certain procedures. In Coimex trade model, however, trading parties do not need intermediary figures in their businesses thanks to the technology they are provided with by Coimex.


Fearing of something illegal is quite understandable. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are not illegal themselves by their nature. Although there have been cases that cryptocurrencies were used for criminal actions, it is not fair to label crypto with it.

Cryptocurrencies are not used in every single country; however, the number of countries they are used in is increasing rapidly day by day. Moreover, more and more institutions, both governmental and private, do recognize cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Banks start to accept cryptocurrencies, research and innovation centers are built in universities, lectures are being given in top colleges and governments are making plans including cryptocurrencies and their adaptation as well. Elections in Sierra Leone are secured through blockchain technology; Internet Courts in China accept blockchain data as evidence. These are all demonstrations of that both the public and governments are coming to realize that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are easier, safer and going to be the new way of doing things.

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