In countries where trust is a major concern, Coimex, an international trade community that only admits reliable companies, offers its members numerous exclusive services. Coimex makes foreign trade safer and more accessible through its provided services. With the utmost trust, Coimex matches buyers and sellers since 2017, bringing 25+ years of exerience in to foreign trade.

Two Coimex members, Instanta from Turkey and Storesome from Kenya

16 Exclusive Services offered by Coimex

Coimex stands out in the international trade community, matches buyers and sellers, with numerous distinctive and exclusive services. Two services, in particular, are provided as priority and core services. One is the matching service, and the other is end-to-end negotiation support. These two services are offered to all our members and across all membership packages.

Coimex provides boutique and exclusive services not found in conventional B2B platforms. There are three membership levels at Coimex, and the services vary according to these levels.

The 16 exclusive services offered by Coimex are as follows:

  1. Establishes business connections only with reliable companies.
  2. Enables members to benefit from real-time opportunities through a 24/7 listing system.
  3. Organizes online and offline B2B meetings for its members.
  4. Communicates with relevant authorities in the country of trade to resolve issues if they arise.
  5. Provides a web and mobile-based platform exclusively for members where sellers can submit price quotes, and buyers can announce procurement requests.
  6. Offers translation services for members conducting business in different geographical regions.
  7. Provides a risk-free membership with a customer guarantee for each category in the annual membership. If a member fails to secure customers despite showcasing products and participating in meetings, the membership is extended for free.
  8. Offers end-to-end negotiation support through video meetings, creating a common WhatsApp group, and assisting with negotiations, payment terms, and other related matters.
  9. Matches buyers and sellers within the system.
  10. Provides support for listings and sharing. If members lack time, Coimex takes their catalogs, product information, and prices, prepares listings, and uploads them to the system.
  11. Offers company reliability verification and validation support. When dealing with non-Coimex member clients, if there are concerns about the reliability of these firms, Coimex provides assistance.
  12. Offers marketing support. When entering different markets, Coimex assists in promotional activities in that region, providing PR support or joint digital marketing campaigns as needed.
  13. Provides fair meeting support. Coimex visits major food fairs worldwide. When you set up a booth at a fair, Coimex organizes face-to-face B2B meetings with Coimex buyer members who visit the fair and are matched with your company.
  14. Offers strategic support. When conducting trade in any country where Coimex is active, if you need support in areas such as dealing with the state, customs, or other strategic matters, Coimex provides assistance.
  15. We write blog posts, provide trainings from time to time, organize online events and prepare monthly newsletters to convey up-to-date information and raise awareness in the sector.
  16. And very soon, we will offer our members blockchain solutions in foreign trade. By offering a reliable payment alternative for unreliable geographies, we will enable smart contracts between the parties.

Coimex facilitates the pairing of buyers and sellers within the community, a process also known as commercial matchmaking.

B2B Matchmaking meeting between PFP (Thailan) and Cuddle Meat (Ghana)

Commercial (B2B) Matching: What Is It?

In commercial matchmaking, the goal is to establish connections based on trust, warm communication, and collaboration. It aims to bring together companies that can benefit mutually from business opportunities and commercial deals through B2B meetings.

Through the service of matching buyers with sellers, one-on-one offline and online meetings are conducted to find customers and suppliers by establishing warm communication. Coimex provides this matching service exclusively among buyers and sellers within its own community.

Two Coimex members, Hleks from Türkey and Storesome from Kenya B2B Meeting

What B2B Matchmaking Offers You?

Manual commercial matchmaking and subsequent B2B meetings allow Coimex members to come together both online and offline to get to know the matched company and its products. After these meetings, the warm communication process continues in joint groups, including Coimex, leading to potential business deals.

Researching reliable companies on the internet and examining them one by one can be time-consuming. Coimex streamlines this process by matching you with well-known companies and their products, providing information, and organizing online or face-to-face meetings with decision-makers, facilitating warm communication.

Coimex’s Matchmaking:

  1. Saves you time and money.
  2. Facilitates your international trade.
  3. Enables secure meetings with trustworthy companies.
  4. Shortens and simplifies the sales process through warm communication.
  5. Ensures that your agreements are made on a written and formal basis.
  6. Facilitates expansion into new markets.
  7. Increases your profits through new markets.
  8. Provides language support, i.e., translation assistance”
B2B Matchmaking meeting between Sungrano and Didan

About How Coimex Matches Buyers and Sellers

Coimex matches buyers and sellers but how? Coimex’s main service is providing matchmaking and end-to-end negotiation support. Coimex has an in-depth understanding of the buyer and seller companies within its network. It learns about their expectations, what they buy and sell, and understands their sensitivities. It works as an extension of your team, manually matching you with companies that align with your business. After receiving your approval, it organizes a joint meeting.

Unlike traditional B2B platforms, Coimex doesn’t expect you to do everything on your own after becoming a member. It doesn’t merely offer platform services; it provides you with a range of facilitative and beneficial services for your international trade.

The matchmaking service is provided for both importers and exporters. Depending on whether the service is provided to the buyer or seller, it’s named accordingly.

  1. Customer Matchmaking: When providing matchmaking for the exporter or seller, we call it customer matchmaking. In this service, Coimex brings customers to the seller.
  2. Supplier Matchmaking: When providing this service to the importer or buyer, we call it supplier matchmaking. Coimex brings suppliers to the importer.

Since Coimex has an in-depth understanding of all its members – their profiles, preferences, the type of companies they want to work with, and their specific trade needs – it ensures a suitable match. Coimex doesn’t leave you alone within the system. It acts as a part-time foreign trade employee for companies, representing your business and supporting you in your international trade. The matchmaking is done manually without waiting for your involvement. In other words, this matchmaking doesn’t happen automatically or spontaneously within the system.

How Coimex Matches Buyers and Sellers Manually?

The Coimex team conducts meetings to get to know companies, developing specific foreign trade strategies and matchmaking efforts tailored to each company and its products. Through meticulous work, potential matches between companies are identified. Once a match is identified, contact is made with the company, providing information such as, ‘There is a suitable supplier or customer for you. Their products align with yours, and they are a great fit for your company.’ This initiates the first meeting between the potential customer or supplier, facilitated online with cameras on. This allows both the buyer and seller to see each other, laying the foundation for real and trust-based relationships with actual companies.

During the meeting, mutual questions are asked to address any trust-based concerns. Coimex ensures impartiality and an equal distance between the two parties in all meetings.

After the initial meeting, end-to-end negotiation support is provided.

End-to-End Negotiation Service

Once the matchmaking is done and the initial online face-to-face meeting takes place, this service comes into play. Coimex assumes two fundamental roles during these meetings: that of a mediator and a regulator. Throughout matchmaking meetings and the end-to-end negotiation service, Coimex maintains an equal distance from both parties. During these communications, Coimex does not favor either the buyer or the seller or represent either party. It acts as an impartial mediator, providing equal and fair mediation to both parties.

Mediation Feature: Coimex introduces both parties to each other at the beginning of the meeting. The team offers language support and resolves potential language issues during these meetings. Currently, the Coimex team speaks Turkish, English, Arabic, French, and Farsi. Additionally, Russian language support can be provided from outside the team.

As Coimex is well-acquainted with the sensitivities and commercial needs of both buyers and sellers, it ensures that the meeting is strategic. It facilitates the resolution of questions from both sides, fostering collaboration. Coimex becomes a strategic and driving force to take the meeting towards a commercial agreement and successful sales.

Regulation Feature: When two Coimex member companies engage in trade, certain rules and processes must be followed. For instance, attempting to conduct a sale with only a proforma without a sales contract in place may not be allowed. Coimex regulates the process to prevent such risky situations. If a buyer requests a sample, the seller covers the cost of the sample, but the buyer covers the shipping and transportation costs. Coimex does not allow situations to the contrary.

If an agreement is reached between two Coimex members, the creation of a sales contract becomes mandatory. Making commercial agreements without contracts within the system is not allowed.

Product inspection is carried out. Coimex collaborates with SGS to ensure inspection of goods during the sales process. Sellers are required to handle these SGS procedures before exporting the goods. During this process, the seller is expected to arrange the meeting with SGS. The seller instructs the buyer to contact SGS for inspection. The buyer is responsible for the inspection report’s cost.

When trading between Coimex members, it is mandatory to have internationally valid cargo insurance through a reputable company. Agreements without insurance are not allowed.

Proper and reliable companies are expected to be collaborated with for freight and cargo services. Coimex, in this way, regulates all risky situations in trade.

Typically, since sales are not concluded in a single meeting, Coimex creates a WhatsApp group for these companies after the meeting. This ensures that all questions, answers, and other communication occur within this group, overseen by Coimex management. This way, Coimex monitors both parties and the entire process.

Come join the Coimex community and match with suitable and reliable companies. Organize B2B meetings with the matched firms to find new buyers and sellers. Develop your market and increase your profits.

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