A pre-sale and listing agreement has been made between Exim Token, the innovative and unique token of Coimex—a foreign trade community that connects reliable importers with exporters and provides blockchain solutions—and Bitexen, one of Turkey’s top three cryptocurrency exchanges. The Exim Token project by Coimex stands out with its mission to revolutionize foreign trade as the first digital currency to be used in import and export transactions.

Exim Token is Getting Listed on Bitexen!

As a result of the agreement with both Bitexen Turkey and Bitexen Global, the pre-sales will be listed on Tuesday, May 28 at 13:00.

Coimex directs trade with its blockchain solutions: Escrow, collateral, and irrevocable contracts. The Exim Token project by Coimex is also an RWA (Real World Asset) project. The Exim Token project by Coimex combines the crypto world with real-world trade. Crypto investors meet the financing needs of SMEs through crowdfunding and earn profit shares. The Exim Token project offers crypto investors the opportunity to generate income from real-world trade. The project is also planned to help SMEs grow and participate more effectively in global trade.

You can explore our project, which revolutionizes foreign trade by providing SMEs with financial tools through reliable payment solutions and enables crowdfunding through crypto investors, in detail at https://eximtoken.co/tr.

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