“Thanks to Coimex, I found the opportunity to trade with trustable companies. My belief is that a combination of traditional and digital methods is the most efficient approach. Thank you, Coimex.”

Bringing together trusted foreign trade companies and enabling them to conduct sustainable trade, Coimex continues to add more than 1,000 trusted members from 108 countries to its community. In a post-based system with immediate opportunities, members have the opportunity to engage in trusted and sustainable foreign trade by communicating directly with the decision-makers on Coimex’s applications.

Casa is a Dubai-based company dedicated to providing high-quality products. While Casa was looking for the highest quality dried figs from the Aydin region of Turkey this time around, a Daimon Brand product post, which showcases their profile and product on the Coimex system, was sent to Casa as an immediate notification. Casa’s G. Jeny Clemente immediately contacted the company’s decision-maker, Ali Adlı. As a result of the agreement between the two companies to initiate a dialogue with messaging within Coimex’s infrastructure, Casa had the opportunity to buy high-quality figs at an affordable price. Thus, the trade of dried figs between two trusted companies that are members of Coimex took place successfully.

Daimon Brand

daimon amblem ticaret başarı

It is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the food, logistics, and trading sectors. It ships its products from Turkey to all over the world. Daimon Brand primarily trades natural and organic dried figs, dried apricots, raisins, chestnuts, olives, and olive oil, with the aim of listening to and fulfilling their customers’ wishes regarding product quality, service, and sustainability. The company’s priorities are trustworthiness, health, first-class quality, hygiene, customer satisfaction, and environmentally-friendly production.

Casa Commodities

Headquartered in Dubai, Casa Commodities has been on a mission to develop and trade in international markets since its inception in 1981, with its experience, qualified workforce, and current external relations. The company brings products from many Turkish manufacturers to the Middle East market. Casa predominantly trades sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, dried apricots, dried figs, and pasta.

Daimon Brand – Ali Adlı

“Trust is a very important topic in foreign trade. Thanks to the messaging system on Coimex, which brings the exporter and importer together on a digital platform in a trustable environment, we contacted Casa instantly. We made our trade in a trusted and easy way. It was a good deal for us.”

Casa Commodities – G. Jenny Clemente

“For some time now, we have been searching for new suppliers of dried figs. While we were on such a quest, we had the opportunity to directly contact the company’s owner, Mr. Ali, through the Coimex system, thanks to Coimex. We carried out our trade, in a quick, trustable, and successful way. Thanks to Coimex I find the opportunity to trade with trusted companies. I believe that the combination of traditional methods and digital methods is the most effective. Thanks, Coimex.”

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